JUNE 18, 2023   |   12 pm to 8 pm   |   PNE Playland


South-Asian Family Festival

You can be part of the South Asian Family Festival in different ways.

Sponsor the Festival:

Local and corporate businesses have the opportunity to get involved as a sponsor. We have different sponsorship packages that fits into your budget. It is a great opportunity to give your business the exposure to thousands of visitors at one location.

Cultural Academies/Organizations:

If you think your organization or a cultural academy can bring a different cultural taste to the SAF Festival, we welcome you and can provide time on the stage or give you some space so you can create an attraction.

Food Vendor:

You can be part of the Festival with your specialty food truck, cart or a booth(s).

Product/Services Vendor:

If you have any kind of product suitable to festival audiences including art & craft, clothing, jewelry, personal accessories, be a part of the Festival.

Individual/Group Artists:

If you have a talent as an individual or as a group, we can provide you an opportunity to showcase it at the Festival.

If you are willing to be part of the SAF Festival, please don’t hesitate to send us your inquiries. We will be happy to accommodate as per the capacity and guidelines of the show.